About Hancock Vulcanised Articles:

The Brand:

+ - Where is your factory and studio?

We are located on the outskirts of Cumbernauld, 15 miles east of Glasgow, Scotland. Our manufacturing process is unique to this area of the UK.

+ - Can I visit?

Our factory and studio isn’t open to the public but we often arrange for journalists, influencers and designers to visit us and see the manufacturing process first-hand. Please email if you are interested in doing so.

+ - Who are your founders?

Hancock Vulcanised Articles was the vision of Daniel Dunko (ex. CEO and founder of Mackintosh) and Gary Bott. The company is managed by Graham Blakey and Daniel Dunko.

+ - How can I get in touch?

Our main email address is

You can phone us during office hours on: +44 (0)1236 455021.

Our address is: Hancock Vulcanised Articles, 12 Napier Court, Wardpark North, Cumbernauld, Scotland G68 0LG.

+ - Press contacts?

If you would like press photos or more information on Hancock Vulcanised Articles, please email

The Product:

+ - What makes the Hancock product so unique?

Our coats are handmade in the literal sense. Our expert coat-makers use their index finger to smear our rubber solution on all seams and hem lines. It’s a process that is only performed in this area of Scotland and we are proud to be the only factory to bond our material in the original Victorian-era mill that has been is use for over 120 years.

Learn more about the process here.

+ - Do you make customised raincoats?

We have over 150 patterns for Hancock Articles that we work with and we add more each season. From this, we can produce coats in a wide range of fabrics and colours. We can also adjust hems and cuff lengths should you require it. It’s not fully bespoke but it’s very close.

If you’d like to arrange for adjustments or fabrics, email us before you’ve ordered your coat to confirm alterations to your order.

+ - How should I wash my coat?

We have detailed instructions about washing over on our Washing and Care section.

+ - Do you wholesale?

Our focus is to build a relationship directly with our customers.

We do work with a select number of retailers and the list of our current wholesale accounts are found here. We will continue to work with retailers who reflect our values and understand the importance of quality and good design.

+ - How are Hancock Articles priced?

We make a premium hand-crafted product.

We focus on keeping the price at a level that reflects the level of skill and the quality of the fabrics and trims that are used to create such beautiful raincoats. By selling direct to customers we are able to keep overheads down to a minimum and this is encompassed in our overall pricing strategy.

Our coats are made by artisans who have studied their craft for years. All our coats are made in Scotland and we only use the finest fabrics from the best mills.

We also offer free returns and free restoration and repairs for life. Our coats will last you a lifetime.

+ - Can my coat be repaired or restored?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our raincoats and expect them to last years of wear without loss of appearance or function. If you find that your Hancock coat is in need of restorative care we would be happy to assist, free of charge. For life.

If there’s an issue with the seams or pockets that we can’t fix, we will replace your coat with a new one.

It is a testament to our unique process and our skilled local craftsmen that we can help your Hancock Vulcanised Article lasting a lifetime. Find out more here.

Fitting & Sizing:

+ - How do I select the right size of coat?

Our sizing is relatively standard so please select based on your usual sizing with other brands. You can find detailed sizing charts and measuring information on the product pages.

We have a comprehensive fit guide here.

+ - Can I order several coats to try on?

All Hancock coats are made to order so it isn’t practical for us to send various sizes. We aim to get the right size for you first time, so if you are unsure please contact us so we can assist you. We will, of course, refund or replace should you ultimately order the incorrect size.

+ - What are the smallest and biggest sizes you do?

Our current patterns are set for:

Women’s – Size 32 up to 42
Men’s – Size 36 up to 46

We can create new patterns for smaller and larger sizes where required.

Ordering Online, Shipping & Returns:

+ - How soon will I receive my order?

All Hancock Vulcanised Articles are made to order. We aim to cut, glue, sew and dispatch your raincoat within seven days, however, please allow up to thirty days for delivery during busier periods.

Payment will be taken upon placing your order.

If you need your Hancock quickly, please email before ordering. We will do our best to assist you.

+ - Why do you take payment when I order?

Your coat will be cut to order so payment is taken when ordered.

+ - What are your shipping terms?

Orders within the UK will be shipped via UPS or Royal Mail next working day delivery. UK delivery and returns are free of charge.

Orders from outside the UK will be sent via UPS. Global shipping is free but returns must be paid for.

You will be sent a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once your Hancock has left the factory.

+ - Can I return my order?

Yes, we accept returns posted within 14 days of receipt. Returns paperwork is provided with your order. We provide free returns within the UK, however we recommend that customers using a tracked service as we are not liable to cover the cost of loss or damaged returns.

If you are returning an order from outside the UK, this is done at your expense.


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