Hancock mackintoshes are truly hand-made. Our expert coat-makers produce unique garments in vulcanised rubberised cloth, bonded using a traditional manufacturing process that has remained virtually unchanged for over 175 years. Two-layers of cloth are bonded with a layer of rubber, creating an impenetrable barrier that ensures the finished cloth is 100% waterproof.

We are the only outerwear company in the world working with the original bonding mill that was used by Hancock and Macintosh since their innovation captured the world’s attention.

As dedicated creatives, we take inspiration from the generations of skilled artisans who came before us, while constantly striving towards the development of new products, just as Hancock himself would expect.

Each Article is first cut, then sewn by our team of machinists before it is passed to one of our experienced coat-makers. Interior seams and pockets are glued and taped by hand; a process called ‘smearing’ before being rolled flat using a hardened steel hand roller then finished with a rubber cleaning wheel tool.


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Hancock of Scotland

Handmade Raincoats & Jackets