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+ - Mission Statement

Everything we do has a purpose. In a world of throw away consumables, we go back to the core of quality British fashion design, using centuries-old manufacturing techniques and the best materials to create beautiful articles that will become staples in your outerwear wardrobe. We design, customise and repair – your Hancock coat will last for life.

+ - About Us

Hancock Vulcanised Articles is a Scottish fashion label that creates beautiful, handmade products using heritage processes that fit seamlessly into modern life.


We fuse contemporary design with deep-rooted, traditional manufacturing methods. Drawing inspiration from Thomas Hancock, the inventor who founded the British rubber industry, our raincoats, jackets and accessories symbolise the very best in contemporary outerwear.


From precision pattern cutting to bespoke finishing, there are 32 steps involved in making each Hancock coat.  Our materials are bonded in an original Victorian mill and each piece is handmade in our studio in Cumbernauld. Our fabrics and trims are sourced from bespoke manufacturers, including fabric from Manchester and Italy, buttons from Yorkshire and quilting from Bolton.

+ - Company History

Founded in 2012, Hancock Vulcanised Articles was the vision of Daniel Dunko (previously CEO and founder of Mackintosh) and Gary Bott. Since then Hancock has been an important foundation of high-end British coat and outerwear design, working behind the scenes to develop innovative partnerships and collaborations with labels such as Missoni, Stella McCartney, Converse and John Galiano for Maison Margiela.


Earlier this year Graham Blakey (previously managing director of Edinburgh-based fashion outlet Goodstead) joined the company full-time as chief commercial officer.


British fashion manufacturing has never been so important, and 2018 represents a new era for the company. Alongside the new Modular collection due for release this autumn, the company is also expanding their customer-centric approach with a new repair and customisation service and limited editions runs.

+ - Facts and Statistics
  • Established in 2012, Hancock has been making coats and outerwear for 6 years and has released 13 collections
  • A Hancock coat, known as an article, is made using 32 different steps and on average, 5 people are involved in the process
  • Hancock makes just 100 coats each month, all exclusively handmade and finished
  • Our traditional manufacturing processes date back to 1843
  • Collectively, the team has more than 170 years of experience in fashion manufacturing
+ - Quotes and Statements

“What has the British inventor of rubber got to do with modern fashion? Well, everything. Thomas Hancock was ahead of his time and it’s difficult not to be inspired by that. Our challenge is to take the knowledge and experience we have of traditional manufacturing techniques and make it relevant for a new generation.” Daniel Danko, Founder, Hancock


“So much of what is defined as fashion these days is stale, mass-produced or overly manufactured. We’re not about that. We go back to basics, giving customers the option of buying something that is at the same time beautiful, ethical and honest.” Colin Oliphant, Head of Design, Hancock


“Hancock has been building a strong reputation for quality coats and outerwear behind the scenes for the past six years. It’s time to come out from behind the cutting tables and make our mark on the British fashion industry.” Graham Blakey, Chief Commercial Officer, Hancock

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+ - The Team

Daniel Dunko, founder

Daniel trained with the manufacturing organisation that ultimately became Mackintosh, working as a coat-maker before setting up the Mackintosh brand and running the company as CEO. Daniel sold the brand to Yagi Tsusho after 27 years, but not before establishing Mackintosh as a global success and working with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Yohji Yamamoto and Celine.


A champion of traditional manufacturing methods, Daniel has remained true to his core values of nurturing UK-based fabrication to create high quality, bespoke garments. He established Hancock Vulcanised Articles with partner Gary Bott in 2012. Based on the life works of Thomas Hancock, the inventor who perfected Charles Macintosh’s production process, Daniel continues to realise his vision of contextualising what has become known as modern heritage, taking traditional processes and developing them for a new, style-conscious generation.


Colin Oliphant, head of design

Colin graduated in fashion design from the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. During his graduate year, Colin entered and won a competition to design Hancock Vulcanised Articles very first women’s collection.


The collection’s key pieces – articles 1 through 9 – were successfully launched at the luxury Vulcanize London Aoyama store in Tokyo in the same year.


Combining a keen eye for timeless, practical and contemporary styling with a respect for heritage design, Colin continues to develop the Hancock brand, producing seasonal collections for men and women alongside product and pattern development for private labels and collaboration projects.


Graham Blakey – chief commercial officer

Graham has been involved in the fashion industry since 2003. He originally trained as an accountant, but was drawn to the world of high-end fashion, starting out as managing director and menswear buyer for iconic Edinburgh retailer Goodstead.


Graham has been involved with Hancock from an early stage. Recognising the value and appeal of the newly established brand, Graham stocked the Spring 2013 collection after meeting Daniel at renowned fashion event Pitti Uomo in Florence in 2012. Graham continued to be involved with company, assisting with the financial reporting and investor relations when Goodstead closed its doors in 2013.


After several years of working alongside Daniel, Graham is now CCO of Hancock and is responsible for all commercial and financial-related activities.


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