Repairs & Restoration

At Hancock we are proud to offer a free restoration and repair service to ensure your handmade raincoat continues to look good while keeping the elements out.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our raincoats and expect them to last years of wear without loss of appearance or function. If you find that your Hancock coat is in need of restorative care we would be happy to assist, free of charge.

If there’s an issue with the seams or pockets that we can’t fix, we will replace your coat with a new one.

It is a testament to our unique process and our skilled local craftsmen that we can help your Hancock Vulcanised Article last a lifetime.

There are three key repair services that we provide:

Replacement Collar

Many of our coats come with button-in collars. These can be easily replaced with like-for-like (core fabrics only) or with a complementing option of your choice. All our stitched in collars can be simply removed and replaced without damaging the coat.

Collars are a heavy wear area. The use of perfumes, make-up and tanning products all have the ability to discolour fabric of any description. If our washing and care guidelines are unable to deal with the problem, simply return your coat to the factory and we can replace the collar for you.

Seams Re-taped

Our skilled coat-makers apply vulcanised cotton tape over all glued interior seams, by hand. The result is a fully waterproof garment. The process takes three years to master.

Any interior taping on seams and hems can be replaced with complementing or contrasting coloured tape.


Our welt pockets are created with a process that involves using our unique vulcanised cotton tape and liquid rubber solution. The result is a fully waterproof seal.

Overuse and overloading of pockets can eventually lead to unstuck tape. Pockets can be cleaned, re-taped and re-glued to ensure your waterproof Hancock remain as such.

At present, turn-around time is approximately eight weeks for all repair work. We always endeavour to return articles to their owner as soon as possible.

We request you contact us by emailing, preferably providing images of the area which is in need of repair.

Shipping is free in the UK. For more information visit our shipping page.


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