Washing & Care

We recommend that all stains or marks are first cleaned with a warm, damp sponge or cloth.

All of our bonded cotton raincoats can be machine washed cold, with detergent added as normal. Once the cycle has been completed, ensure that no water remains in the pockets and then hang your Hancock coat on a clothes hangar, or dry flat. Drying over a clothes horse or radiator may affect the appearance and shape of your garment.

We do not recommend machine washing bonded wool or cashmere coats. If you are uncertain of the composition of your Hancock please check the care label or contact us.

Do not apply chemicals or dry clean your Hancock raincoat as this can break down the vulcanised rubber bond.

With frequent and repeated machine washing the colour will fade only slightly, giving a softer patina. The dye retention of our cloth is very strong, even when tested at higher temperatures, however we do not recommend washing above a cool cycle.


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